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You can concentrate on growing your business while we make cloud hosting simple and cost-effective for you. Our powerful and low-cost compute options, combined with our support, make it the ideal infrastructure for running a stress-free website or eCommerce store.

We're here to help ensure your company runs smoothly, backed by our technical support and community involvement. To get help, simply contact our support team, or upgrade to premium support if your company requires a high-touch, personalised customer service experience.

website speed & uptime

Your website speed is essential for user experience. Slow page loading time has been shown to impact conversions negatively, but more importantly, it also affects your website ranking. Choosing a fast hosting plan as part of your strategy is essential.

Where speed is essential, choosing a host with 99.99% uptime is also as important as it also impacts your conversions and affects your website ranking.

Not sure which hosting plan is best for you? Our team is happy to answer all of your queries and help you pick the right plan for your needs.

cloud web hosting

This package is perfect for Linux-based sites. It is secure, feature-packed and boasts lightning-fast speeds.

managed wordpress hosting

This package is fully managed and optimised for speed. It is the best perfect for WordPress websites.

managed vps

Maximum performance with minimum fuss. With this package, you don't need the technical skills for an unmanaged VPS.

unmanaged vps

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful VPS with the freedom of self-management, this package is for you.

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