Promoting CBD, Hemp & Wellbeing Through Social Media Marketing

Utilise one of the largest marketing channels to effectively promote your Individuality

Are you having trouble capturing the attention of your target audience via social media channels, or are you having difficulty getting the right information to those who need it?
CBD & Hemp Wellbeing is a growing market, and your individuality is everything. We'll assist you in promoting your CBD & Hemp products in an appealing but factually correct manner, to attract existing customers and invite those who have never used CBD or Hemp products before.

Social Media Marketing for CBD, Hemp & Wellbeing Made Simple.

Social Media Marketing for CBD & Hemp, personalised to you.

Trying to promote CBD products on social media may feel like navigating a minefield of policies and regulations, but knowing the right steps to take will make the process go more smoothly. While most social media platforms have changed the policy they initially imposed, there are still guidelines that must be followed.

CBD & Hemp Products have a variety of positive effects on people and the environment, but you must investigate them thoroughly and include it in your identity. We want to guide you on how to provide trustworthy information that people require, it is important to create social media campaigns that are supported by or refer to official statistics and medical reports.

While everyone's experience with CBD products differs, individual medical claims are not permitted on any platform, and failure to comply can result in the removal of the post and, in severe cases, the entire account.

Promoting Wellbeing through more than just products.

Various Cannabis & Hemp related products are common in today's market, which is why we strive to teach this industry how can you and your products can be promoted effectively and appropriately to break through the growing market.

Due to the large variance in how each social media platform operates it's important we ensure each platform has content relevant to the target relevance, changes to content do not need to be complete reworks, but changing the wording can help the content match the general audience of each platform.

Key areas to Social Media Marketing
Content Creation
Around 83% of marketers use social media to publish content however only quality, well optimised will see the desired return. It's vital to ensure that content is interesting and engaging enough to gain interactions from users.

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Campaign Analytics
Most Social media platforms have analytic tools, these tools are key to reviewing previous posts and ongoing campaigns to understand what types of content people like so that formula can be improved and tailored to your audience.

Product Promotion
Promoting products needs a balance of information, individuality, and attractivity, to ensure it catches the attention of users. Effectively promoting products on social media can lead to interactions and click-throughs to websites & online stores.
PR Outreach
The purpose of getting press coverage and exposure for your business is accomplished through a process of pitching information about your product or service to journalists, bloggers, and influencers.
Defining Business Individuality
Each business has individuality and it's important to ensure this carries through in every post, graphics, tone of voice and products can all help to show why users should interact with your post instead of a competitor.
Campaign Timeline & Content Scheduling
Planning a timeline for a social media campaign allows most of the work to be completed in advance and content scheduling will post at the time and date of your choosing.
Mobile Optimisation
In our experience, mobile visitors can account for more than half of all website traffic. Many more people are now accessing the internet and searching for products and services via their mobile phone browsers. It is critical to consider how your website loads and functions on all major devices, as this will impact your SEO rankings on mobile. Our responsibility is to ensure that your website runs smoothly, passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, and delights your potential customers.
Speed Optimisation
Search engines love to see that you have made a conscious effort to provide information to your visitors promptly and that your website does not take an eternity to load. Isn't it true that there's nothing worse than a slow site? We will ensure that your site passes Google's Core Web Vitals Assessment, is free of rogue and bulky code, and address any potential speed traps. Speed optimization can significantly improve your SEO rankings while also contributing to a good user experience.
Competitive Link Building
Using the data from the competitor analysis, we can begin to place links in the same areas as your competitors while also looking for other high ranking, high authority websites to place links on. We must create a solid backlink structure and ensure that these links are not removed to improve rankings. Furthermore, as time passes, websites that currently link to you may be closed down or cease trading, necessitating replacing those links.
Linkbait Development & Online PR
Linkbait can be tricky at times, but it is extremely effective when it comes to your SEO. Linkbait is a collaborative effort in which we create unique content that may pique bloggers and media outlets' interest to spread this content across the web and generate several new backlinks to your website. We need to regularly build new relationships with online journalists and bloggers looking for content on topics related to the cannabis, hemp and wellbeing space. 
While we work to increase traffic to your new website, we must update your blog regularly. This is always best done in collaboration with the client and under the supervision of our team to ensure that all posts are optimised for search engines and social media. We recommend scheduling several new posts throughout the SEO campaign, targeting certain long-tail keywords or search queries.
Monitoring & Reporting
We will closely monitor all incoming traffic to your website using Google Analytics & Search Console, allowing us to track the performance of your campaign. This will provide us with important data such as keyword traffic, click-through rates, time spent on a page, conversions, and much more. We will review this data regularly, allowing us to make the necessary improvements to your SEO campaign.
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