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Offering a full solution for your business, we cover everything from consultancy, development, e-commerce, digital marketing, marketing & advertising, fulfilment, payment gateways and merchant accounts.


simplycanna was born from a passion, and an understanding of the CBD industry to help deliver genuine, high-quality CBD products.

We are always looking for new brands to join our platform and can help you get your products in front of those who need them the most.

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eCann is an exciting, state of the art online marketplace dedicated to cannabis health, education, apparel and lifestyle.

We have developed our platform to give brands a place to promote and sell cannabis-focused products and experiences.

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the wecann difference
Here at wecann, we're part of a bigger family that provides the Cannabis, Hemp & Wellbeing space with support and guidance.

Alongside our range of services, we have a marketplace platform that can help companies like yours get their life-changing products out into the world.

Our ultimate goal is to help bring high-quality products to the people who need them most.

Through our years in the industry, we've made connections designed to help us achieve that vision.

We've got access to a trusted and reliable payment gateway and great working relationships with cannabis and hemp friendly advertisers to help us spread awareness about your products and services.

Become a part of the wecann family today and get instant access to our industry expertise and networks to promote you and your business.
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