If you have a website and wondered why you are still not making sales, chances are your website are not being found in search engines. If people are not finding your website, you will have fewer opportunities to convert them into customers.
With SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you can bring in more customers, have better conversion rates, build your brand's awareness and stay on top of your competition. SEO drives the most traffic, and it is one of the highest converters of sales.


How SEO Can Help Your Business

How SEO Can Help Your Business

Did you know that "organic search" is usually the primary source of website traffic, and it tends to generate more enquiries and sales? This is why visibility and rankings are important. 

The higher you rank on a SERP (search engine result page), the more likely your prospects will see and click through to your website. It is important to understand that many users don't click past the first search engine result page.

Developing "Authority" means that your website is relevant, high quality and most importantly, trustworthy. Your website will rank higher if it has more authority. Users and prospects will trust your brand more.

User Experience for SEO

To improve SEO, your website needs to be high quality, from great content, website loading speed and website responsiveness. 

Can you imagine what it would feel like to wait for more than 5 seconds to load a website? Or if the website won't display properly or it is difficult to read and navigate? 

Will you return to a website like that? When you consider these factors, you can see why an SEO-optimised website directly affects your conversion rates.
User Experience for SEO
Keyword research is an important part of any SEO strategy because it provides us with a baseline. People will use various keywords to find the products and services you offer, and they are not always the ones you might think. We must consider specific problems or situations that may prompt a person to search. The following stage will involve creating a comprehensive list of keywords and target areas, which helps to create a sitemap and content strategy. Both parties must understand why the keywords were chosen. 
A technical SEO & content audit is a process in which we check your website’s SEO technical and content aspects. We dive deep into the health of your site and find out what the best fixes are needed to improve it. The data we gather here will allow us to analyse the content of your website and determine which to keep as-is, which to improve, and which to remove or consolidate. Many important factors need to be considered, such as duplicate content, HTML tags, on-site SEO data, the speed of your website, and much more.
Before we dive in, there are some basic tasks that we carry out before anything else. This is to ensure that we are happy with the website, and gives us time to install software such as Google Analytics and Search Console. We will also carry out any minor improvements or install any plugins we feel are vital to the success of your SEO. 
A content development process encompasses everything related to developing new content for a website from start to finish. Good content can only get you to the point – nobody will see the website you developed without the right content strategy or promotion methods.
Structured data is important for SEO because it helps search engines understand what your pages, products, and website are all about. To show a page in the search results, the search engine must first determine what it is about. Using structured data is vital for your SEO.
Ensuring that your content has the best possible chance of achieving its intended goal, whether that goal is to rank in a search engine or convert leads into conversions, is known as content optimisation. To achieve these objectives, we use a variety of tried methods.
In our experience, mobile visitors can account for more than half of all website traffic. Many more people are now accessing the internet and searching for products and services via their mobile phone browsers. It is critical to consider how your website loads and functions on all major devices, as this will impact your SEO rankings on mobile. Our responsibility is to ensure that your website runs smoothly, passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, and delights your potential customers.
Search engines love to see that you have made a conscious effort to provide information to your visitors promptly and that your website does not take an eternity to load. Isn't it true that there's nothing worse than a slow site? We will ensure that your site passes Google's Core Web Vitals Assessment, is free of rogue and bulky code, and address any potential speed traps. Speed optimisation can significantly improve your SEO rankings while also contributing to a good user experience.
Using the data gathered from your competitor analysis, we can start to place links in the same areas as your competitors while finding additional high-ranking, high-authority websites and blogs. We will develop a strong backlink structure and ensure that these links are solid and not removed.
We will work together to create unique content that may attract the attention of bloggers and media outlets, intending to get this content shared around the web, creating high-quality backlinks to your website.  Many of these regularly seek content regarding topics relative to your products and services.

Adding regular content to your website helps drive traffic and gives users information that may help them understand more about your products and services.

We shall advise on the best topics, guide you and your team on writing content, and how we can add value to other pages.
We closely monitor all incoming traffic to your website and track the performance of your campaign. Google Analytics and our other software will provide us with crucial data such as keyword traffic, click-through rates, time spent on a page, conversions, and much more.

We will review this data on a regular basis in order to make the necessary campaign improvements. We will discuss analytical data with you and your team to ensure that it is understood and that any necessary action is planned and implemented.
Everyone should have the insight to improve their online presence, which is why we offer free technical SEO audits. 

These audits detail technical and content improvements that can be made to optimise your website and increase your visibility in search engines.
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