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Having a mobile app is one of the most advantageous aspects of doing business because it puts all of the information you want to deliver to your clients – including special specials and promotions – at the tip of their fingers. Push notifications bring you even closer to a direct engagement with your customers. They allow you to remind them about your products and services whenever convenient for them.
Every day, most people spend at least two hours on their mobile devices. Each user has to unlock, scroll, and scan their device to find what they're looking for, even when only a few apps make up the bulk of this overall usage. Our minds instinctively record everything we come across, whether it's a well-designed app icon or an interesting piece of text. Being "in the way" might be a benefit for your business.

Mobile Apps for CBD, Hemp & Wellbeing
Made Simple.

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Built With Fluxstore & MStore API

Developed by Google, Fluxstore is a worldwide e-commerce application inspired by the Flutter framework. To achieve its goal of lowering hundreds of thousands of hours of company time spent on planning, building, and testing a mobile application, Fluxstore provides a comprehensive solution for optimising the delivery of your app to the market with high productivity and cost-efficiency. 

It is possible that it will be able to meet all of the business needs, including e-commerce functions, an eye-catching user interface, and flawless performance on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Designed for Simple Integration

If your company already has a website built on the WooCommerce, Magento, or Opencart platforms, it is simple to integrate Fluxstore and release the finished app to both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store within a short period of time. Fluxstore is the ideal choice if you are looking for a much more rapid mobile application development solution.
A Mobile App That
Gives You Peace Of Mind
Super Speed and Stability
Fluxstore ensures that your app runs smoothly and quickly. Coding and testing are performed by world-class developers, giving you peace of mind leaving you to focus on managing your business.
Android and iOS Native Apps
In addition to having a high-quality user interface that provides a remarkable user experience, your mobile app can be accessed on iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, the UI is not a Hybrid application; rather, it is a pure native application.

Multi Language Support
Your app will be accessible to every mobile user on the planet, regardless of their language or reading direction.
Secure Payment Gateway Integration
Fluxstore accepts payments through a variety of payment gateways and will work with 99 percent of all payment systems.
Push Notifications
As a means of maintaining the connection between your store and your customers, Fluxstore offers a push notification feature, which notifies your customers when new information about your store's promotions becomes available.
Simple Management
Once we've finished building your app, performing live updates is a breeze! Our team can either complete these tasks on your behalf or teach you how to complete them yourself. You will have no trouble maintaining your app in either case.
Let's Expand
Your Reach.
Join our Founder for a casual discovery session so he can learn more about you, your company, and what you hope to accomplish in the future.

Assuring that both sides are on the same page, both personally and professionally, is the beginning of a wonderful adventure together. 

We cultivate friendships above business connections and, together, we assist in the development of exceptional individuals who go on to create fantastic brands.

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