fulfilment services

for CBD & Cannabis products.

you create great cbd products, we do everything else for you.

We're a full-service CBD fulfilment company that specialises in helping product manufacturers, brands and distributors thrive in the online and retail world by supporting the entire supply chain.

are you looking for a partner who understands your business?

Do you feel like: 
You are facing issues with search engine rankings, online awareness and visibility
There aren't any payment gateways to work with
You can't compete with the high street health companies
You are struggling with the overall volume of sales due to the dilution of the market, products and other websites who are trying to rank on Google
You need a partner who understands your product, knows where to market it and how to handle the goods with care and attention
You need help with the logistics from seed to shelf from people who have the experience
You are facing issues with mishandling of goods, damaged goods, losses, lack of care and bad practices

we can help.

Our team of experts know exactly what you need to get your business going in the online and retail world.

We are your marketing and logistics partner who can support your entire business.

We understand the market and have services that offer a full solution to help you get your life-changing products from seed to shelf, and to the people who need it most.

Let us help you thrive in the industry.

store it.

You've put a lot of hours into researching, creating and finalising your products. Finding and maintaining suitable storage for them is one job you don't want to have to do.

We have extensive warehousing facilities to keep your products safe and secure in a clean and temperature controlled environment - and ready to ship out.

Our warehouses are in and around the East Midlands. We do not disclose the locations of our warehouses for optimal security.

You can rest assured that your products will be looked after with care by our warehousing team.

promote it.

You already know how hard it is to sell CBD and cannabis products online - getting your name out there, competing with high street chains, and reaching the customers you're meant to help.

Promoting CBD and cannabis products online can be tricky. The go-to ad sites and social media platforms won't touch CBD products.

We help businesses like yours with web and mobile app development, e-commerce and guide you through all areas of digital marketing including SEO, content, link building, social media marketing, targeted campaigns, promotions and advertising.

Certain brands can also be listed on our sister website, simplycanna.uk

ship it.

We'll ship your products out when you make a sale.

Shipping is a complicated, time-consuming process. Wouldn't it be nice if somebody would do it all for you?

Well, here at wecann, we can!

With years of experience in order management and fulfilment services, our team is diligent and precise, ensuring the right products get to your customers in perfect condition.

benefits of partnering with wecann.

Secure warehousing: Our warehouses in and around the East Midlands are fully secure, and we do not disclose the locations of our warehouses for optimal security.
Perfect storage: Your products will be stored in a secure, safe, clean environment and rooms that are temperature controlled for your products' shelf life.
Custom packing solutions: We offer packing solutions that can help strengthen your brand.
Seamless integration: We use a custom-built platform, and we integrate with other third-party warehouse systems to achieve seamless integration for our fulfilment services.
Account manager: Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority. We will take care of your concerns and look after you.
Fully managed fulfilment: We manage your whole fulfilment process for you from picking, packing, shipping and returns.

put your products in the safe hands of the experts.



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