Fulfilment & Order Management for CBD, Cannabis & Wellbeing Products

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We're a full-service fulfilment company that specialises in helping product manufacturers, brands and distributors thrive in the online and retail world by supporting the entire supply chain. With the recent changes globally, many brands now prefer to focus on their marketing and business development. 
If you're looking for peace of mind, we can take care of getting your great products to your customers. You can get them stored and organised in our warehouses - safe, secure, and ready to ship. If you face issues with mishandling of goods, damaged goods, losses, lack of care and bad practices, we can help.

Fulfilment & Dropshipping
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CBD Health Wellbeing Order Fulfilment

CBD, Health & Wellbeing Order Fulfilment

You've put a lot of hours into researching, creating and finalising your CBD and wellbeing products. Finding and maintaining suitable storage for them is one job you don't want to have to do. 

We have extensive warehousing facilities to keep your products safe and secure in a clean and temperature controlled environment - and ready to ship out.

When it comes to order fulfilment, we have a straightforward system that allows us to pull orders from third-party stores, giving us the ability to manage the entire process from the point of order to the delivery of goods. 

Brands that we work with have taken advantage of our approach and have peace of mind knowing that their products and orders are handled with care and fulfilled professionally. 

Cannabis Lifestyle Order Fulfilment

As we all know, certain lifestyle products require extreme care and attention when it comes to handling and packaging. Additionally, in certain circumstances, they also need to be sent in stealth packaging, all of which we can take care of for you.

Our team is mindful of handling lifestyle items and ensuring that every order is packed with due care and attention.

Our experience in this field allows us to provide an error-free service and ensure that your customers are not sent the wrong items. Our team are comprehensive and, together with our fulfilment software, ensure that mistakes are never made. 
Cannabis Lifestyle Order Fulfilment
Fulfilment & Order Management
Key Factors
Secure Warehousing
We have facilities in the East Midlands and Wales. We do not publically disclose the direct locations of our warehouses for your optimal security.  You can rest assured that your products will be looked after with care.
Clean Environment
Your products will be stored in a secure, safe, clean environment and rooms that are temperature controlled for your products' shelf life. Sanitisation checks are carried out regularly, and all of our areas are kept immaculate.
Custom Packaging Solutions
We offer custom packaging solutions that can help strengthen your brand whilst also providing promotional materials such as flyers and brochures that can be included within your orders.
Seamless Integration
We use a custom-built platform and can integrate with third-party warehouse systems to achieve seamless integration for our fulfilment services. This ensures that your orders are passed through to us promptly and securely.
Personal Account Manager
Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority. We will take care of your concerns and look after you.
Digital & Tech Support
Our team can manage your website for you, take care of customer service and keep everything up to date. This includes content, marketing and technical development.
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    We’ve been where you are today; stuck trying to navigate the complicated world of production, storage, marketing, and delivery. We’ve already learned the most common mistakes in the industry - and we can help you avoid them.  With an extensive cannabis-friendly network behind us, we do all the hard work for you.
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