Developing a conversion-focused online shopping strategy will help to improve your search engine rankings and conversion rates, leading to more online sales and higher customer retention.
We go into more detail about solutions and set out key objectives that will ensure we stay focused on achieving your overarching aims while creating a beautiful and functional ecommerce store.


ecommerce development

How A New Online Shop Can Increase Your Sales

Introducing an improved online store will help your business in many ways such as giving you more freedom when it comes to functionality, and allowing you to develop custom features in the future. You can also be self-hosted, and open-source to give you full control of your store.

Another bonus is you will have more control over technical SEO and blog management which will improve your visibility and search engine rankings. SEO is becoming more important in the CBD industry due to the restrictions on traditional marketing and advertising.

WooCommerce - The Best eCommerce Platform For CBD and Hemp Products.

All of our eCommerce stores are built using the popular platform; WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants and comes packed with a range of fantastic features.

WooCommerce includes everything you need to help you build your business online. It can be integrated with third-party applications, and perform most tasks required by small to large enterprises. 

Accepting cards is also made simple, with a CBD friendly payment gateway that is suitable for the types of products you sell. We can also help you obtain a compliant merchant account that will not be closed down.
ecommerce development
Discovery is the first stage where we start to learn more about you and your business. We need to understand how your business works and what your main goals are.

If you're looking to boost your sales, you should start by examining your conversion strategy. The most effective businesses are those that are not afraid to make changes and improvements.

A proper eCommerce design process starts with setting a clear goal for the project. This goal can be anything from incorporating new product descriptions and imagery to improving the user flow and experience. The objective should be as specific as possible so that the creative team can focus on that goal and not waste time.
When selling online, it's important to think about the features that customers will need to make an informed decision about what to buy. This includes considering what information users should see and what actions they should take. Creating a user-friendly experience is vital, but it also has to align with your goals. 
Once your store has been signed off we can set a date to push it live. Before this happens we ensure that everything has been checked over and tested and that it functions correctly across all major web browsers and devices.
Once your store has been launched we can provide a range of search engine marketing services to ensure that the pages are pushed higher up the search engine rankings. This is done by using a combination of tactics based on a core strategy of content generation, backlink techniques and external “buzz” generation.
With many people using their mobile phones to buy products, it's important for your eCommerce store to work perfectly across all popular devices. We will ensure that your customers have the best possible experience. 
There's nothing worse when you are trying to buy a product online and waiting for pages to load. Statistics show that users will leave your website if it does not load quickly. Search engines also take website speed into account for rankings. 
What Is The Best E-Commerce Platform For CBD?
Comparing The Best E-Commerce Platforms For Your CBD Business. If you want to start an online CBD store, you'll need a platform for selling your product. WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce are some of the options available. These platforms are easy to use and allow you to easily customise and man...
Your brand-new ecommerce store could be up and running and taking orders very soon. Our talented team are waiting for your contact and look forward to helping you improve your online presence.

Please get in touch with us via the following form, and our Founder will arrange a call to discuss the next steps.

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