Do you feel like you are facing issues with search engine rankings, online awareness and visibility? Or are you perhaps struggling with the overall sales volume due to the dilution of the market, products, and other websites trying to rank in search engines? 
The go-to digital advertising sites, blogs and social media platforms won't currently touch Hemp and CBD products, and getting good quality links can prove quite difficult. We help businesses just like yours create effective digital marketing campaigns.


Cannabis, Hemp & CBD Digital Marketing

Hemp & CBD Marketing Made Simple

As you have already discovered, marketing of certain products has been made rather difficult, mostly due to the main ingredient and ongoing stigma around the C-word.

Whilst we have all experienced our loved ones having life-changing experiences, improved health, and in some cases, reversal of certain conditions, you are not allowed to make medical claims. 

Applying traditional marketing techniques to Hemp, CBD and Cannabis-based products is not simple, but we are here to take away that pain and guide you through it.

Digital Marketing for Wellbeing Products

Hemp & Cannabis wellbeing products include CBD Oils, Skincare, Balms, Edibles, Coffees, Teas and many more. CBD and Cannabis Oil soon became the go-to remedy and can now be found in many households. 

With many brands on the market and new retailers popping up every month, some find it extremely difficult to get their products seen by those who need them the most.

Thankfully, you can do many things yourself and things you can do whilst working with companies such as ourselves. Together, we can help you navigate your way through the complex digital marketing world.
Digital Marketing for Wellbeing Products


SEO is the process of making a website visible on the internet. Search engines crawl the internet and collect billions of web pages, determining which ones are relevant to the searcher's query. These results are then ranked based on several factors. We work with our clients to ensure that SEO content is relevant and meets Google's quality standards.
Content development involves understanding your brand's voice and messaging. This is the element that sets your content apart from other content. It affects the entire content development process. Developing content that is specific to your brand's audience, instead of just reiterating recent news, is key. Your content should express a particular point of view or take a stand.
Link building is a key pillar of SEO, and it involves establishing a web of quality links to your website. This will show Google that your website is an authority on a particular topic. Links are important because they help web crawlers discover new content and understand the relationship between pages. They can also tell the true relevance of a web page, which is essential for high search results. 
The first step in social media management is to define goals and determine how to achieve them. We use specific tools that can track the performance of ads and creative content, and share the results with you. We can help you become more aware of social media trends and be more proactive, helping you to get the most ROI from popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Blogging allows you to express your opinions on a variety of topics. Some people blog about every activity in their lives, from the small things they do every day like waking up, to more large-scale issues such as mental health and well-being. Blogging can be an effective means to communicate with an enormous audience and raise your brand awareness.
Content marketing is a multifaceted process that involves creating and distributing content. It requires knowledge of your target audience and goals. In addition, you need to plan your content creation schedule. The key to a successful content marketing strategy is identifying the right format for your content and identifying the right distribution channels.
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Everyone should have the insight to improve their online presence, which is why we offer free website audits. 

These audits detail technical and content improvements that can be made to optimise your website and increase your visibility in search engines.
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