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4 April 2022
Using Analytics & Search Console

About Google Analytics & Google Search Console We all know that using Analytics is essential for gathering vital information and data about your business. You can use many tools to do this. The most common tool for analysing website performance and traffic is Google Analytics. You'll find that many businesses will use this alongside Google […]

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14 March 2022
On-site Content & Blogging

Using blogs to boost SEO If you're thinking of starting a blog to help with your SEO, then you're off to a good start. But, there are many things to consider when writing blogs to help your website rank. Here are some helpful tips on writing SEO content for your blog to get you started […]

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4 March 2022
Understanding Your Digital Landscape

What does your digital landscape look like? Are you evaluating how to get the most out of your social media networks? Do you have a strategy to get around social media platform's censoring your business's content, which has an enormous impact on your business? Is your SEO strategy current? Now let's talk about ranking. You […]

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24 February 2022
Conversion Rates

What is a conversion? There are common misconceptions about what a “conversion” is. Most people usually think that Conversion is SEO, but it is not. However, you can improve conversions with good SEO like:  Targeting the right keywords Have a site that focuses on good UX (user experience) Designing a website with a good structure […]

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2 February 2022
Combining Analytical Techniques Using Google Search Console

What may Google Search Console be used for? When you need search information for your website directly from the search engine, GSC is the place to go. It can be utilised to help you improve your SEO and organic visitors. Here's how to do it: Your website's links Google uses links to make sense of […]

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