Hello, we are wecann

wecann is a team of passionate and caring individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in wellbeing and mindfulness. We have combined this with our experience in business development, e-commerce, and digital marketing,  focusing on the Cannabis, Hemp & Wellbeing space.

Built with passion, and love.

Our collective knowledge, experience and passion for the space have helped Cannabis, Hemp & Wellbeing businesses find their place in the market with efficient systems and effective marketing.

We understand and know the industry's ins and outs, what issues it faces, what avenues to go down, and most importantly, what actually works online to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in the space.

At wecann, we care about you, your business and have a deep passion for the space. Your wellbeing, happiness and success is our main priority.

David Hartshorne - Founder




At the age of 22, I found myself surrounded by people who were not making the most of the internet and took it upon myself to build a company that could help businesses get online.

I spent 15 years helping businesses develop digital marketing strategies, from small businesses to large corporations.


Year 2020
In 2020, I decided to move on and focus on a subject close to my heart. Thus, simplycanna was born. I saw an opportunity to help people find high-quality CBD products and dedicated the following two years to that.

simplycanna was a site that helped people find high-quality CBD products and had a lot of information about CBD education to help people learn more about the benefits of using CBD.


Year 2021
After two years of personal development work, overcoming many physical and mental obstacles, and meeting many amazing people, I felt it was time to get back to helping people in the industry again.

The people I met along the way now form a part of this business and have helped me and the business transition.


Year 2022
At the end of 2021, right before Christmas, I decided to take my journey to Spain to explore new horizons. Whilst in Spain, I was very fortunate to have met many amazing people and businesses that share the same values and ethics that we could help and benefit from each other mutually.

From the many inspiring and purposeful interactions with these wonderful people, I've decided to extend wecann's offerings to Europe and the USA.


Year 2022
After wecann was successfully set up to help people in the industry, it was time to look at simplycanna again.

Simplycanna has always been a subject close to my heart. However, as the market changes, so does the need for simplycanna to evolve.

With simplycanna at the heart of things, simplycanna has now evolved into Hemp Path to bring more than quality CBD products to people worldwide. Hemp Path exists to bring Hemp products to all areas of wellbeing and lifestyle.

Meet the Tribe

Our happy and caring team and partners are here to support you, and help your business thrive.


The Journey Of Finding STRENGTH.

For the past two years, I have been focused on rebuilding myself whilst developing a different approach to working and managing my business. It's cost me everything: my home, my security, old friends, a loving and caring girlfriend, certain family members, my cars, my bikes, and all the material things that had me trapped in the first place. Never have I made so many sacrifices in hopes that I'd find myself and finally be at peace with myself.

After moving to Spain, I've healed in many ways and am ready to focus on building new relationships. You can't live for free in this world, but you can certainly make a living without putting your life, health, and relationships in jeopardy.


Thanks to the support of some talented and passionate people, I have been able to rebuild not just myself but also our business helping people in the Cannabis, Hemp and Wellness space.

I'm inviting all of you to join us on a unique marketing & brand awareness journey. Let me help your business, but most importantly, YOU. We have something new and exciting on the way, and I would love to open up a discussion with anyone who has wellness at the heart of their company.

Thanks to those who have supported me on this journey and continue to be incredible friends. Much love to you all.


Operations Director
Hi! I'm Reika! I think if you asked my colleagues, they will probably tell you that I'm best known as the "Ice Queen" in the company, because I love cooler weather and temperatures. I have been known to have the windows wide open in the middle of winter, much to my colleagues' dismay!

Although I have experience in business management and sales, my passion lies in creative arts. Anything from music, writing, photography and illustrations really peaks my interest, and if you haven't guessed it yet, OF COURSE, I love gaming too. It combines all the things I love into one package!

It's probably cliché to say that I love making clients feel happy, but I really do! Positive interactions and feedback from clients lets me know that we're on the right track to helping our clients ~ I can't wait to work with you!


Digital Marketing & eCommerce Assistant
I'm Joe, I spend most of my time searching for something new , whether it's a new game to play, a new recipe to try, or a new place to visit. I get restless when I'm not doing anything, so you'll always find me looking for new skills or hobbies.

I come from a computing background beginning with computer science, progressing to software, and eventually to design and digital marketing. After these many pathways I've happily chosen marketing as my current trajectory, with additional interests into Web Dev & Graphic Design.

I believe it's best to work with a client from start to finish, understanding everything they need to avoid confusion and keep us on for a steady but productive Journey, until all is done, and everyone is happy.


Software Engineer
Hello, my name is Arvind. I really love everything that has to do with technology. I'm a software engineer who understands the trends and market pretty well. I'm motivated by the urge to do something creative, and I'm here to make a difference in the world with my skills. If there are problems that needs fixing, or a question about servers, I'm here to find that solution. 

I believe that "if my job doesn't challenge me, it doesn't improve me."
I await my next challenge from you!


Graphic Designer
I'm Jayson and I'm a graphic designer from the beautiful Philippines. I have been told that I'm a very creative and talented graphic artist, but to me, graphic design is more than a job - it is my life and passion!

 I strive to create my "next best" innovative and essential designs to convey the company's ideas.

I'm also a team player, and I work very hard to meet the standard of the company and its clients.


We are proud to support others in our field, helping them and their clients with their marketing and technical requirements.


Gina is a media professional and events producer. In addition to PMP, she is the owner of Easy Street Promotions LLC, a Pittsburgh-based events and promotions company. She is a marketing consultant, producer, digital marketing and social media educator, and music promoter.

Vensel sits on the Board of Directors for TEDxPittsburgh, a locally organized TED event. She is a plant medicine educator and activist working to end the stigma and fighting for drug decriminalization in her community as part of DecrimPGH. She currently advocates for state-wide cannabis legalization in Pennsylvania as well as national reform.


Elizabeth is a media professional and the former publisher of The New Republic and Washington Technology magazines. She spent her media career in political issue advocacy work developing campaigns to spread awareness of critical issues targeting legislators, public affairs, advocacy, academia, and politicians on Capitol Hill and across the nation.

She has conceptualized, created and sold branding events for Associations and Corporations while leading traditional & digital media strategies to enhance and support brand health and ensure agenda success. She now uses her experience to educate and advocate for cannabis and other forms of plant medicine.
Join our Founder for a casual discovery session so he can learn more about you, your company, and what you hope to accomplish in the future.

Assuring that both sides are on the same page, both personally and professionally, is the beginning of a wonderful adventure together. 

We cultivate friendships above business connections and, together, we assist in the development of exceptional individuals who go on to create fantastic brands.

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