who is wecann?

Wecann is a team of passionate and caring individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in wellbeing and mindfulness. We have combined this with our experience in business development, e-commerce, digital marketing and fulfilment, focusing on the Cannabis, Hemp & Wellbeing space.

Our collective knowledge, experience and passion for the space has helped Cannabis, Hemp & Wellbeing businesses find their place in the market with efficient systems and effective marketing.

We understand and know the industry's ins and outs, what issues it faces, what avenues to go down, and most importantly, what actually works online to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in the space.

At wecann, we care about you, your business and have a deep passion for the space. Your wellbeing, happiness and success is our main priority.

David & Kurtis
David & Kurtis


Our happy and caring team are here to support you, and help your business thrive.


Managing Director

With years of experience in personal development, mental health and business, David is the perfect guy to help you and your company succeed.

He always puts people first and his skills in well-being, business, and marketing are like no other.


Technical Director

Kurtis manages the day-to-day logistics required to process hundreds of orders each day and ensures that our warehouses and systems are running smoothly.

Kurtis plays a key role in the innovation of new ideas that help us stay prosperous in the future.


Logistics Manager

With over 30 years of experience in customer service, Ingrid ensures that orders are fulfilled to the wecann standard, and that our shelves are always stocked.

Ingrid has a great handle on everything to do with customer service and liaising with suppliers.


Operations Director

For Reika, her work is her home away from home. She loves working with people and strives to build a better industry for the companies within the space.

To her, you and your company aren't just a company but part of the wecann family.


Relationships Manager

Kurt is responsible for communications, building relationships and creating an end-to-end engineered solution.

His mind, body and experience in health allows him to remain focused on the overall mission.


Lead Creative

Jayson, being a very creative and talented graphic artist, always tries his best to create innovative and essential designs to convey the company's ideas.

A team player, he works hard to meet the standard of the company and its clients.


Digital Marketing Assistant

Mateen is a very passionate digital marketeer who also holds the same passion for medical science, human biology, health and wellbeing.

He is always eager to explore new technology and market trends that helps him excel in his work.


Software & Web Developer

Arvind really loves technology. He's a software engineer who understands the trends and market pretty well. Motivated by the urge to do something creative, he's here to make a difference in the world with his skills. He tries his best to deliver outstanding work ethics and succeeds all the time.

Arvind believes that "if my job doesn't challenge me, it doesn't improve me."

our HOME

Sitting in the heart of the beautiful East Midlands, surrounded by nature, is our headquarters.

Our HQ is all about peace, tranquillity, promoting growth and staying grounded. It really is a tranquil place.

Ransom Wood is a 70 acre woodland environment where business and nature work hand in hand, powered by a state of the art solar farm.
Ransom Wood

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