wecann is a team of passionate and caring individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in digital marketing. We support people in the hemp and cannabis space with technical SEO, e-commerce, brand strategy and business consultancy.

Built with passion, and love.

Our collective knowledge, experience and passion for the space have helped hemp and cannabis brands create refined marketing methods, identify their customers and sell more products.

We know and understand the industry's ins and outs, what issues it faces, what avenues to go down, and most importantly, what actually works online to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

At wecann, we care about you, your customers, and your business and have a deep passion for helping those who create high-quality products. Your well-being, happiness and success is our main priority.

David Hartshorne - Founder

Meet The Tribe

Our experienced and caring team are here to support you and help your business thrive.


Founder & Head of Digital Marketing
Through my 20 years of building businesses, I've gained considerable experience in e-commerce, digital marketing and communication to help other businesses grow. I've helped to create many effective digital marketing and e-commerce strategies that have helped businesses thrive.

Alongside me, I have a great team of skilled, dedicated and most importantly, trustworthy people that forms my core team to help me help you drive your business forward. We are ready to share our knowledge.

Why do I want to do this? Simple. I truly want all of us to succeed. Not just in business, but in life. The most important lessons I've learned are faith, trust, empathy, and integrity.


Operations Director & Project Manager
Hi! I'm Reika. I think if you asked my colleagues, they will probably tell you that I'm best known as the "Ice Queen" in the company because I love cooler weather and temperatures. I have been known to have the windows wide open in the middle of winter, much to my colleagues' dismay.

Although I have experience in business management and sales, my passion lies in creative arts. Anything from music, writing, photography and illustrations really piques my interest. I love gaming too. It combines all the things I love into one package.

It's probably cliché to say that I love making clients feel happy, but I really do! Positive interactions and feedback from clients let me know that we're on the right track.


Digital Marketing Specialist
Hello. I'm Joe. I spend most of my time searching for something new, whether it's a new game to play, a new recipe to try, or a new place to visit. I get a little restless when I'm not doing anything, so you'll always find me developing new skills, looking for new hobbies, or cooking.

My experience began with computer science, progressing to software and eventually design and digital marketing. After these many pathways, I've happily chosen marketing as my current trajectory, with additional interests in development and design.

I believe it's best to work with clients from start to finish, understanding everything they need to avoid confusion and keep us on a steady but productive journey until all is done and everyone is happy.


Software Engineer
Hello, my name is Arvind. I really love everything that has to do with technology. I'm a software engineer who understands the trends and market pretty well.

I'm motivated by the urge to do something creative, and I'm here to make a difference in the world with my skills. If there are problems that need fixing, or a question about servers, I'm here to find that solution.

I believe that "if my job doesn't challenge me, it doesn't improve me."
I await my next challenge from you.


Graphic Designer
I'm Jayson and I'm a graphic designer from the beautiful Philippines. I have been told that I'm a very creative and talented graphic artist, but to me, graphic design is more than a job - it is my life and passion.

I strive to create my "next best" innovative and essential designs to convey the company's ideas.

I'm also a team player, and I work very hard to meet the standard of the company and its clients.

Plant Media Project

Plant Media Project
Gina Vensel and Elizabeth Sheldon, co-founders of PMP, are driven businesswomen committed to dispelling the stigma associated with plant medicine. They first came together as editors of a pro-cannabis lifestyle magazine they helped launch in their respective hometowns of Pennsylvania and Maryland. With a similar mission, they went on to start a boutique media firm that focuses on the promotion, education, and advocacy of plant medicines.

Each of PMP's co-founders has 18+ years of expertise designing digital, social, and brand marketing campaigns, making them marketing veterans who have mastered navigating the complex and tightly regulated marketing environment for cannabis and plant medicine businesses.

It is the goal of PMP to offer cannabis and psychedelic products and businesses safe, compliant marketing expertise. PMP has the experience and abilities to create innovative marketing campaigns and advertising possibilities for businesses in the plant medicine sector, working with team members and industry partners across the nation.

The Plant Media Project (PMP) develops content for The Vine Blog, produces online and live events for the community, and releases weekly content on "The Vine: A Plant Media Project Podcast," which is accessible on all podcasting platforms.

Join our Founder for an informal discovery session so he can learn more about you, your company, and what you hope to accomplish in the future.

We cultivate friendships above business connections, and, together, we assist in supporting exceptional individuals who go on to create fantastic brands.
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